As the voice of Southern California’s building industry, BIASC:

Advocates for legislative and regulatory policies

at regional and local levels that support a positive business environment for the building industry by protecting/promoting regional common interests. BIASC takes an active role with the following public sector entities:




Transportation Authorities

Empowers the industry

by addressing the most challenging and complex issues that hinder or disrupts our industry’s ability to build communities, create jobs, and ensure housing opportunities for everyone.

Promotes our legislative platforms

through numerous policy initiatives, studies, and campaigns aimed at building awareness among elected officials, community stakeholders, and the general public, in addition to hosting industry-leading events on topics that include:

  • Single/Multi Family Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Commercial Development
  • Land Use/Development
  • Utility Services
  • Environmental
  • Permitting/Entitlements
  • Labor
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Transportation
  • Water Quality/Resources